Employee Programs

Employees are the main tier needed to build and establish the foundation of a successful company. Therefore, it is important to protect your investment by continuously making sure your staff members stay motivated and satisfied. The benefits of these employee programs are indeed rewarding because they encourage employees to engage and interact as a team, increase employee morale, and establish a sense of loyalty amongst employees and their company.

Employee Recognition


Everyone strives to be recognized in some way shape or form, regardless of who they may be, being recognized for a job well done is positive attribute to the workplace. An employee recognition program can be the key to motivating employees and infusing a healthy dose of creativity into an otherwise “stale” corporate culture. Today, companies are thinking about recognition programs with their business goals.

Types of Programs:

Holiday Programs

One of the perks of recognition is that it’s never just a once-a-year event. However, the holidays are a great time to show your employees just how much you appreciate them. Adding a little holiday cheer to your workplace may be one of the most proactive moves a business can make. Being recognized for a job well done is ranked amongst one of the number one factors in job satisfaction by employees. A simple gift can relay a multitude of different praises such as: great job, I appreciate you, happy holidays…you name it!

Safety Programs

It’s a proven fact: if your employees have been properly trained on the expected safety guidelines, and are able to perform them on and off the job, your company is guaranteed to be profitable. Safety incentive programs typically provide an average return of $2-$3 for every dollar spent on your program. A safety incentive program rewards your participants with what they want - a more secure work environment and to be rewarded and recognized for their contributions, while in exchange, your also profit by getting what you want- a reduced incident- related cost.

Types of Programs

Sales Incentives

The success behind sales incentive groups comes from the mere fact that these particular programs benefit your sales team and individuals by simply giving them what they want, but at the same time proving you with what you need. The trade off is this- a sales incentive program complete with recognition and rewards, in exchange for a well-trained and reliable sales team who will be sure to increase your sales revenue. Click here to learn more about our Employee Sales Incentives Program.

Types of Programs

Wellness Program

Employee Health and Wellness Incentive programs help create a healthy atmosphere that promotes and supports the health, safety and well-being of its employees, to ensure employee attendance, morale and productivity. Ultimately, these programs are geared towards guiding employees in making smarter, healthier choices on and off the job.

Types of Activity or Program

Industry Specific Programs


As an automotive dealer, making a personal connection with consumers is a primary goal, to ensure consumer comfort. An incentive program would provide you with the tools needed to help you achieve the challenge of creating a more integrated experience for the consumer, as well as taking dealer training and motivation to the next level.


Consumer savings, has become priority amongst consumers, especially when it comes to purchasing their financial services. Now, more than ever, they are looking for a little something “extra”. Incentive programs are a great way to give them exactly what they are looking for by providing them with Gift and Prepaid Reward cards. The Perfect Employee


Food Service


Gives employees the motivation they need to obtain the optimal patient experience and ultimately, a positive impact on your companies bottom line. Reward your employees with popular gift cards to reward, recognize and motivate.


We create key employee incentive gift programs that help manufacturers accelerate their productivity, sales, and profitability by enabling their strengths to be able to draw in the people aspect of their business.


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