With Mastercard® Prepaid Reward Cards, you have a way to reward customers or employees with incentives they actually want. Whether you use them to build company loyalty among your staff or encourage repeat business from your customers, our Mastercard prepaid reward card for incentive programs provide the perfect tool for business retention. Enjoy being able to give rewards that offer flexibility and control. Finally have a way to offer incentives that motivate! With our Mastercard prepaid reward card supply, companies like yours gain a way to award and retain key employees, get the attention of busy consumers, build loyalty, enhance connections and more; all with the security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that’s needed in an effective incentive program.

At RPG Card Services, we’re proud to be your resource for Mastercard prepaid reward cards for sale — so you can finally have the incentive tools you need to drive your business goals. Whether you use these Mastercard Reward Cards to reward regular customers or exceptional employees, you have convenient, versatile, in-demand rewards that work. Our Mastercard prepaid reward cards can be redeemed anywhere Mastercard cards are accepted. Deepen connections and drive revenue with these smart incentive solutions for business incentive programs, loyalty programs, e-cards and more. Learn more about how these cards work below!

Benefits to the Purchasing Client

Benefits to the Cardholder / Recipient

Customize your MasterCard® Prepaid Reward Cards with your logo.

Add your logo to the MasterCard® Prepaid Reward Card design or create a completely customized card*.

*Additional costs and restrictions apply.

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Card FAQ’s

Where can I use my card?
You can use your card anywhere in the U.S. that Mastercard debit cards are accepted. You can also make mail order, online or telephone purchases. (This does not include Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.) Note: The card cannot be used for purchases from merchants, Internet merchants, telephone or mail order companies located outside the United States.

How do I use my card?
Simply swipe the card at the keypad, press "credit," then sign the receipt. The amount of the total purchase will be deducted from the balance on the card. Since there is no Personal Identification Number (PIN) associated with a gift card, the transaction will reject if you press "debit." If the balance on the gift card is not sufficient to pay for the purchase, the transaction will reject.

If I want to buy something and I don’t have enough money on my card, can I pay for the balance of the purchase with cash?
Yes. You must tell the cashier in advance that you wish to make a split transaction, using both the balance on your gift card plus additional cash.

Can I add money to my card?
No. The card is not reloadable and it is not returnable.

If I buy something online, by phone or mail order, what do I use for a billing address?
Before making any online, phone or mail order purchases, be sure to call Customer Service (1.855.MB.CARD9) and register your card by providing your name and address. When making your purchase, use your mailing address as the billing address. This will allow the merchant to contact you if there is a problem.

If my gift card is lost or stolen, how do I report it and how do I get a refund or replacement?
Call us immediately at 1.855.MB.CARD9 if your gift card is lost or stolen. You can also contact us online at www.mbcardservices.com and click on "contact us." You must provide the card number and other identifying details. If our records show there is a balance on the card, we will cancel the original card and refund the available balance to you as another MB Gift Card. There is a $5.00 fee for this service. We cannot provide a replacement card if you do not have the card number of the missing card.

Are there any types of transactions I cannot make with an MB Gift Card?
Yes — you cannot use an MB Gift Card to get cash at an ATM; you cannot get cash advances or get cash back on a purchase. You cannot return the card or add money to it. You cannot use an MB Gift Card to set up a recurring bill payment.

Check Card Balance

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The card is issued by MB Financial Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from MasterCard International, Inc.

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