RPG has the rewards you can offer your employees to motivate healthy lifestyles.

It’s no surprise, companies around the world, believe that if they can influence their employees to adopt healthier lifestyles, they can reduce their health care costs.

Obesity and tobacco use are two core health issues that impact millions of people. Companies that focus on and develop incentive programs to help employees lose weight and stop smoking can bring great change to the lives of many and create a motivating atmosphere at the office. Yoga

Incentive programs also give employees the motivation they need to obtain the optimal patient experience and ultimately, a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Award your employees with popular gift cards to reward, recognize, and motivate them. The end result is gratifying! These programs are geared towards guiding employees in making smarter, healthier choices on and off the job.

Ideas for rewarding can include:

Why are health & wellness programs so important?

When you think about it from a business perspective, you may think that investing beyond the lines of the required health insurance, healthcare incentive programs for your employees might just appeal as an added expense. But, in actuality the bottom line is, employee health! Isn’t this what every business strives for? If your employees are constantly out sick, this can be disruptive to other employees, as well as cause a decrease in production, and increase your companies sick leave costs. The bottom line is this: a sick employee will affect the overall productivity of that day, for the entire company. Companies want to maintain productivity; therefore, they need to strive for healthcare programs that will benefit both parties. The ultimate goal here is to reduce sick days!

What are the benefits?

We want to make sure that the implementation of a healthcare incentive program is structured in a way that benefits both the business and its employees. This program will provide benefits such as: short-term and long-term cost savings, better productivity, laser savings, and most importantly it will reduce healthcare costs indefinitely.

Start Building your Health & Wellness Incentive Plan now!

Not sure of where to start? Not to worry, RPG is here to provide your business with the essential rewards needed to get your program up and running. As a company, you want to launch a program that all of your employees will be interested in joining. Make it engaging and rewarding, the key word here is, incentives. Keep in mind that the idea is to create a program that you will invest and gain back dividends that will eventually reward your employees with improved health in the work place as well as efficient productivity.

Here’s to their health!

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