The Future Is Here: Why Customized Gift Cards Matter

When it comes to the world of incentives, one of the great gift card trends that’s here to stay is customized cards. Why? Simply put, customized cards are good for business.

When it comes to the world of incentives, one of the great gift card trends that’s here to stay is customized cards. Why? Simply put, customized cards are good for business. Anyone can hand a client or employee a gift card — but not everyone offers gift cards that are customized with their business logo or messaging. When you give someone a custom gift card, you communicate extra care and attention, and you amplify your branding in the process. Every time someone pulls out that gift card, he or she is reminded of you and your business. Interested in learning more about the benefits of custom cards? Curious about gift card trends like these and why you should pay attention to them?

Here’s a closer look at customized cards and why they matter:

  1. Customized gift cards are unique. Give someone a gift card, and you give them the same exact gift that anybody else could pick up at the store and stuff inside a greeting card. There’s nothing unique about the card itself. Give someone a gift card customized to your brand, however, and you instantly turn an average gift into something that stands out. When a person reaches into his or her wallet, your card is special. That’s why customized cards are a powerful way to make a reward feel a little extra noticeable and valuable to the recipient.
  2. Custom gift cards show you care. One of the best and most effective ways to show someone you care is through thoughtfulness. Just taking a little extra time to mail a note or remember a celebration goes a long way toward making an impact — and this is as true in the business realm as it is anywhere else. Custom gift cards may seem like small things, but they communicate extra thought and care — which can be big in terms of fostering relationships.
  3. Custom gift cards amplify your branding. A gas card is great, but a gas card with your business logo is better. It’s one more way to amplify your branding and strengthen your customer loyalty plan. Every time someone pulls out your card, he or she remembers you and your relationship. This is essentially natural advertising tucked into someone’s wallet.
  4. Customized gift cards can be green. Today’s market includes reloadable cards that don’t have to be thrown away once used; rather, they can be refilled with funds and re-used as long as the recipient likes. Plus, there are sustainable options for gift cards now, like a “carbon offset” solution that can compensate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by card production.
  5. Customized gift cards give you a chance to get creative. Because gift cards are customizable, the sky’s the limit with ways you can design and decorate them. Make your business gift cards seasonal, or feature your business’s logo or mascot. You can truly get creative because custom cards are designed around you and your ideas.

When it comes to gift cards, there’s nothing quite as special and powerful as custom options. By customizing your gift card program, you show your customers and colleagues you care, while also building your brand and advertising your business. Are you interested in learning more about custom cards and how they could work in your existing incentive program? Would you like to take your incentives up a notch? Come to RPG Card Services!

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